Ixian3 Private Limited provides the following services:

Knowledge Process Outsourcing:
Our Knowledge Processing Division builds every relationship from the ground up. After an inquiry we would have discussions and an in-depth analysis would be conducted about the feasibility of the project.
We have a reliable and knowledgeable team that can deliver to clients across the globe cost effective & high quality solutions. From Market Expansion to Country Specific Challenges, we offer over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of International Finance, International Marketing, Global Business Operations and even Cross Cultural Communication Seminars to ease the fears of Employees who are assigned to new unknown territories.
KPO Services:
Business Consulting
Business Operations
Legal Research & Support Services
Engineering Design
Market Research

Business Process Outsourcing:
Business Process Outsourcing is the outsourcing of regular business processes such as Accounting, Billing, Data-Entry, Customer Service, Artwork, Art Designand Technical Support through Communication, Transaction processing or marketing. We promise Accuracy, Security and Quick Turnaround. We understand the delicate nature of this aspect of business and we can assure you that all possible care will be taken to protect the privacy of your information.
BPO Services:
Custom Data Entry
Forms Processing
Order Processing
Book Keeping /Accounting
Technical Support Services
Web Based Services
Web Design
Web Development
Web Hosting
Customized Software Programs and Solutions
Vector Artwork / Image Conversion

We specialize in building Dynamic Database Driven Websites like the Platix series of Ecommerce Platforms for our fast growing clients. We also build static and flash based websites that most of clients start with to establish their web presence.
We also offer Custom Software Applications and partner with clients across the globe to develop such software.
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