Instant E-Commerce

The process is simple. We first understand your requirement and our designers provide you sample layouts. As soon as you approve one, the store can be set up within a couple of days thereafter.

Solid Web Designs

Nice web design and reliable coding are the backbone of all our websites .We can also provide responsive HTML5 websites. To understand this, change your browser window to a smaller size and see how this website fits perfect in a smaller window. Whether you use a PC, Ipad or Smart Phone - this website will look good.

Perfect for All

Whether you are a Start Up or Large Corporation, we have the right solutions at the right prices to suit you. You will find us reliable and easy to work with. We always look for long term relationships and money is not the only thing we work for.

Why Us

ixian3 has developed a sturdy, effective and affordable e-commerce solution. The logic was to keep it very simple so the Owner of a web shop can quickly set up shop and concentrate on Selling rather than spending time worrying about whether the website will deliver or not. Ixian3 specializes in the Platix series of E-Commerce platforms, and also a wide range of services in areas of Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Data Management, Websites, Web Hosting and more. We provide the affordable, scaleable & robust solutions to our clients globally in all the areas we serve.

With years of experience in the industry iXian3 now presents three levels of e-commerce platforms. iXian3 offers choices ranging from monthly payments for shops hosted on ixian3 servers, so that you can switch off the shop when you choose to , to full fledged e-commerce solutions on a server of your own. We specialize in building Dynamic Database Driven Websites like the Platix series of Ecommerce Platforms for our fast growing clients. We also build static and flash based websites that most of clients start with to establish their web presence. However, if your company carries over a hundred products, you are a prime candidate for converting your old static website into a Platix Website that is both flexible and expandable.We also offer Custom Software Applications and partner with clients across the globe to develop such software.

What We Do


Knowledge Process Outsourcing is a highly specialized area requiring highly skilled staff. Every Client has unique requirements and varying hurdles to cross, and we in the Knowledge Processing Division build every relationship from the ground up. After an inquiry we would have several discussions and an in-depth analysis would have to be conducted about the feasibility of the project. We have a reliable and knowledgeable team that can deliver to clients across the globe cost effective & high quality solutions. From Market Expansion to Country Specific Challenges, we offer over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of International Finance, International Marketing, Global Business Operations and even Cross Cultural Communication Seminars to ease the fears of Employees who are assigned to new unknown territories.


Business Process Outsourcing is the outsourcing of regular business processes such as Accounting, Billing, Data-Entry, Customer Service, and Technical Support through Communication, Transaction processing or Tele-marketing. We promise Accuracy, Security and Quick Turnaround. We understand the delicate nature of this aspect of business and we can assure you that all possible care will be taken to protect the privacy of your information.


Web Based Services include Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting, Customized Software Programs and Solutions, Image Conversion, Graphics, E-Publishing, E-Commerce and practically everything online.