How did iXian3 happen?

The inspiration for our name Ixian3 came from the legendary Sci Fi writer Frank Herbert's Dune saga. The planet Ix ( a little history - The original name of the planet was Rhombus IX and over the millenia it became shortened to IX ) was known through out the known universe as the most technologically advanced planet. We aspire to have Ixian3 Private Limited bring you the most innovative e-commerce platforms.

Ixian ( pronounced eeksiyan ) and the 3 for the 3 founding brothers brings you a company that offers affordable, yet state of the art websites that make e-shopping easy. There are a number of e-commerce platforms in the market. While many of them are good, when you try to customize them to suit your business, you step into a very difficult zone most of the times as many of you would agree. In developing the Platix series we have strived to take the pain out of this process and give you a custom made ready to use package.

Along with these e-commerce sites, we also offer a range of services that are essential to almost any business:

  • Database Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Order Entry
  • Art Work and Graphic Design Services
  • With over 7 years of experience in servicing customers all over the world, we look forward to assisting you with your unique requirements. As a special focus, we have been working with Suppliers and Distributors in the Promotional Products Industry and have a very keen understanding of the special needs of this industry.

    Sam Shah